Choose Your Robot Overlord Before the Machines Rise. #1

  Let’s face it.  Science Fiction has been so inspirational to our technological evolution that it appears to be prophetic.  Alright, our cars don’t fly and our skateboards don’t hover.  Personally I blame Big Oil and Tony Hawk.  However,  we have put people in really expensive tin cans and shot them into space.  Any day now we will begin terraforming Mars.  We have little communicators and tablets that work almost everywhere.  We have put buttons on the endangered species watch list.  Big brother is tracking us – Hi!  There is a new harbinger of world ending calamity each week.  Whether it is natural disasters or ego’s of men, it seems to only be a matter of time for the human race.  Science Fiction says our society won’t make it and machines will rise to replace it.  If I do say so myself, now is a great time to choose your future robot overlord and affiliate yourself to a brand.

  There are so many potential overlords to choose from, whether it be an OS, Web Browser or Web App.  Best of all, at the moment it is a buyers market!  All are quite literally tripping over one another to get  your hard earned dollar and  your valuable time.  All we need to do to make the switch from consumer to consumed is start picking.  I feel that diversity is important and will pick one from each of the three categories.  I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket when the robots come for me.  Below is a glimpse and my criteria and process.  Let’s take this journey together!

Some food for thought:  

Operating System

  Want cybernetic implants and DNA spliced with a penguin?  Linux is your boy!

  Is having a good looking overlord important?  Like turtlenecks and smug attitudes?  Apple.

  Like playing games, bro?  Perhaps ease of use is important to you?  Windows.

  Web Browser

  Want to end it all in a hurry?  Internet explorer.

  Like being fast and cool?  Chrome.

  Like being not quite as fast but still cool?  Firefox

  Is anonymity important to, whoever you are?  Opera

Web Apps

  Fancy an overlord with ADD?  Get behind twitter.

  Like a overlord that will show you pictures of its ugly kids? facebook is for you.

  Enjoy having ADD and ugly kids in one place?  Try Google+

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