By Odin’s Beard, Thor Is A Girl!

  Who hasn’t heard the news. Thor is getting a sex change. I don’t know why. I don’t care how. I’ve never really cared about Thor. And I believe there-in lies the reason.

  Don’t get me wrong. I think it is great that Marvel is seemingly brazen enough to change a character’s gender or swap out the actual character itself as the case may be. Especially with the internet and rampant fanboyism so eager to collectively express its butt-hurt. It just doesn’t seem like enough though.

  I just have three questions for Marvel. Why not a bigger character? You know who I am talking about. Iron Man and Spider Man are both easy to switch.  An additional suit, another radioactive spider. My second question is, why not promote an already established character?  There are so many woman in the Marvel Universe that are just waiting for a full set of looser fitting, fully encompassing clothing and the chance to be taken for more than sexy ass kickers. Finally, why not a Black Widow movie? The Guardians of the Galaxy got movies. I had no idea who those Eh-holes were two years ago. Ant Man is getting a movie. I can’t believe I live in a world where that phrase can be muttered and people care.

  I think they whole idea is cool and current. I just think that women deserve more. I hope that this switch kick starts something bigger. I hope the writers at Marvel really do something fantastic with opportunity. I am fairly certain that they will. Honestly though, this was announced on The View. Why wasn’t the Black Widow movie announced instead? Demographics much?

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