Fat: The Socially Acceptable Word and the People You Can Still Make Fun Of.

  Fat people. They are everywhere, every ethnicity has ‘em and according to the news we will be getting more of ‘em. I could throw some fancy statistic at you showing all of this, but I thought I would give you something to google. What I am concerned with is, even though there is a great amount of our population who are two turkeys this side of Cliff Claven’s – whatever side Norm was sitting on – it is still socially acceptable to hate and fear their condition. A condition that ultimately has the brunt of the blame placed on the person with said condition.

  To prove my point I don’t really need to look any further than our lexicon. We don’t say the “R” word, we say mentally handicapped. We don’t say the “M” word we say little person. We don’t say the “J” word, we say custodian. People seem to be so easily offended these days that there is no shortage of alternative and more “politically correct sounding” words. I am not even sure if should say “gay” anymore and I find myself autocorrecting from “black” to “African-American.”

  That said, there is one word I am absolutely positive I can say twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in a room full of the “people” I am talking about and that word is “fat!” Let’s face it, obese is not the nice politically correct word for fat. Obese is scientific for “DAYYEMN!” In civilian society, obese means super fat! Fat times two to the power of two! It is true we have “less hurtful and more good natured” ways of saying fat such as: plump, big boned, more to love.  As good natured as they are, they mean the same thing though and they and many more are deemed socially acceptable. Go ahead, call a mentally handicapped person, ”Corky” or a member of the custodial staff, “Mr. Clean” see what happens[1].

  I have also become certain that television was created to make fat people feel absolutely horrible for being fat and skinny people to look on in horror at the alternative to their celery stick eatin’ lives. I can’t watch more than one hour of television on a major non-specialty network without seeing at least one “so, you seem to have a weight issue, what are you going to do about it commercial.” I certainly don’t – nor should I – see commercials for “so you are mentally handicapped, so you are gay, so you are a little person” and so on.  You get the point without me spiraling into stuff that becomes incredibly politically incorrect. Of course there those who will say that the people mentioned above cannot help their conditions – if they can even be considered conditions. Although, some of those people will not cut overweight people any slack and place the blame solely on them.

   I am not saying that people shouldn’t trade the Doritos for a pair of Reeboks, but I have witnessed skinny size zero girls pack away potato chips like a dire squirrel packs away nuts for winter and not gain a god damn pound. While I myself can eat a fun size candy bar, run five kilometers and still see that tasty little fucker’s contribution to my glorious man rack.

  Alright bring it on in for the group hug, time to button this up. What I am really getting at is, with all these parades, days, PSA’s, and societal shifts to be accepted, there is one group that is being left out.

[1] Hey Internet, don’t do this. It is mean.

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