Ten Years Later, The Queen, and There And Back Again One Thousand Times.

  Three days in a row, a trilogy! This past week has been filled with landmark life events. Well, as long as you are using the standard North American method of starting the week on Sunday and not Monday. If you are in Europe or a hipster, it was the last day of last week […]

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Happy Mother Stuffin’ Valentine’s Day!

  What a great and glorious day the marketing necromancers at card, chocolate, and jewelry companies have invented for us. Conjured straight from thin air. No besmirching of pagan traditions. No solstice to expand on and contort into some holiday. Just an arbitrary date in the middle of February.   Consumers are still in their […]

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Live Short and Be Cheap: Ripped From The Canadian Headlines!

  The Supreme Court of Canada has made a historic decision this week. Overturning the ban on assisted suicide. At least for doctors and only for consenting people with certain yet-to-be clarified circumstances. I feel that it is a step in the right direction. A more humane direction. Congratulations humans, we have just gained the same […]

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I’m Sorry, I Can’t Be Your Friend Anymore.

  That is a heavy sentiment. Regardless if it is conveyed through words or actions. Someone has done something to emotionally distress someone else. The end of a relationship. For whatever reason, these people can no longer cohabitate or interact. Hopefully, they were diligent in getting their loaned out belongings back. This is a life […]

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People Who Have Kids, Ask Other People When They Are Going To Have Kids.

  My wife and I have been an item for nearly a decade. That includes dating and marriage. Anyway, we are of that age when many people that we know are either having children or have already had children. Which, according to all of them, is the bees knees. So much so, that sometimes it […]

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