Summer Flannelbane

That is the awesome medieval fantasy name for summer, Summer Flannelbane. Summer is coming and it is going to be hot, really hot. Hotter than normal temperatures already abound. There has been very little rain here and we have had a wildfire twelve hours north of us for the past two weeks. G-Dub told the […]

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Hold Time

I love calling big companies. When that automaton on the other end of the line picks up the phone and sends you through list after list of options. After you have sorted yourself out and done the automaton’s job, the automaton returns and states “All of our agents are busy.” Or “We are experiencing higher than normal call volume.” The latter seems to be most common excuse that most businesses use.

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Cuisinomane, that is french for foodie. I wonder what hipster is? If you know, throw it down in the comments. I heard about this on the morning radio program. Foodie has become such widely used term that the Quebec Language Police has had to “translate” it to french. Which is now the word that Quebecers […]

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