C51 Passed. Oh Brother, You Are So Big.

  Well it is all over folks. Warm up the bus. Just go home and take all our anti-C51 “propaganda” with you. Leave no trace. We knew it was going to happen all along. It is just fist bumps and cold beers for the conservatives and liberals now. Enjoy doing keg stands on our dime. Enjoy looking at our twitter feeds. Enjoy zerberting Mulcair’s bare belly.

  Who the hell wanted this damn bill? I haven’t seen any schmos with poster boards stating that they would like this thing passed. I haven’t witnessed very many pro C51 supporters bickering on the television. When I did, they were conservatives, the kind that aren’t ready to admit that they may have overstayed their welcome. Or they were liberals who will do anything for a vote. Anything! Take this moment to think of something you would like to see a liberal do. Yes, even that!

  Many of us felt safe already. Don’t you feel safer though? No, I feel like a citizen with the power to arrest me and make me disappear is on the other side of this monitor reading this as I write. Wondering if I should be flagged and the answer to that is no, I am really not that interesting.

  “Boss he says he isn’t interesting, but he is speaking his opinion on the government. Is this post spicy enough to merit more snooping?”

  “List him as an apple fritter. Seems spicy, but it is just cinnamon and nutmeg. Nothing on the Scoville Scale.”

  Look Trudeau, I know your party was decimated during the last federal election. I can appreciate your party’s new and more moderate approach. This however is leaned way over the conservative side of the fence. This is vote pandering and is also driven a wedge between your old supporters and the ones you are trying to get. Honestly, the vote was 183 to 96. Your party didn’t even pretend to feign interest in the other direction. You just outright voted in favor!

  You said you would amend the bill if your party won. If your party won? So you have thrown us under the bus in hopes that your party wins! The same party that was annihilated during the last federal election after calling a no confidence! The same party that lost the one before that one and the one before that one! You sir, have a gambling problem!

  However, you might have unwittingly done the most noble thing you could have done. Played the part of a sacrificial lamb. Did you just cause vote splitting between liberals and conservatives? Pulling your party more towards the right to leave plenty of distinction that the NDP is the only major party for those that lean left?

  Here is a joke for the voting booth. What is the difference between a conservative and liberal? Conservatives spy on your facebook, while liberals spy on your twitter.

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