Reblog: I’d Like To Buy Don Draper A Coke

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

DonShow of hands, Modern Philosophers…how many of you have had the “I Want To Buy The World A Coke” jingle stuck in your head since watching Mad Men’s Series Finale?

I have been singing it, humming it, and buying Coca Cola at a ridiculous rate that should leave me bankrupt with a mouthful of cavities by June 1.

Don Draper, you dapper bastard, you really were an advertising genius!

Mad Men is a show that I have always enjoyed, and unlike the Series Finales of some other classic shows (cough, cough, The Sopranos, cough…) the last episode of Matt Weiner’s love letter to the advertising industry left me quite satisfied.

As well as humming and singing that old Coke jingle.

Coke commercialSure, there was enough ambiguity to make us wonder if Don had come up with one of the most famous commercials of the 70s, but this Mad Men fan chooses…

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