Cuisinomane, that is french for foodie. I wonder what hipster is? If you know, throw it down in the comments. I heard about this on the morning radio program. Foodie has become such widely used term that the Quebec Language Police has had to “translate” it to french. Which is now the word that Quebecers and Quebec restaurateurs will have to use. Otherwise they may incur the wrath of the language police.

For those of you living outside of Quebec – like myself – or Canada, it is more serious than it sounds. Businesses can be hit with fines and other bureaucratic red tape. Using pasta on a menu has caused issues in the past. A board game store was troubled as it needed to constantly have a french version of the game for each english version of the game on the shelf.

What I find most amusing is that cuisinomane kind of sounds like Encino Man. I can’t help but be reminded of the scene where Pauly Shore describes a frozen burrito being cooked in the microwave. Something about it being “moooool-ten on the outside, iiiccceee cold on the inside, buuuuddy.” I am not going to google it. It could have been an attempt at allegory to simplify the complexities of Brendan Fraser’s character, Link. Regardless, in that scene Pauly Shore is the antithesis of foodie.

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