Every Time Someone Uses Google+, An Angel Gets Its Wings

Which is precisely why there are no angels in the world. It’s too bad, in all honesty I like Google+ and prefer it over facebook. There are not a lot of people on there though. Well, there are because Google shoved accounts down everyone’s throat, but seemingly no one uses it.

For those who haven’t waded into G+, it is facebook, twitter and instagram rolled into one. Nicely laid out, huge images. No need for apps that tie everything together and traipsing all your data across multiple platforms. Just one big robot overlord who welcomes you with open arms and remembers your password.

I can see why many don’t invest time in though. Recently, I read an article that had a zillion likes on facebook, a fraction of a zillion on twitter, and thirty-six on Google+. Part of me laughed while another felt sad. I realized that I hadn’t used G+ in quite awhile. I even quit sharing my blog posts on it as it seemed to be generating no traffic.

Anyone else have experiences to share? At the moment I feel inspired to re-tailor my Google+ and resurrect my traffic. After all, as the title suggests, Google+ is an angel making platform and there simply doesn’t seem to be enough angels in the world.


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