Bree Newsome, More Like Bree Awesome

Well, now I guess we have two answers for the age old question. How many people does it take to bring down a flag that represents racism, segregation, and hate; not the heritage, nobility, and tradition of a one hundred and fifty year old unrecognized state that seceded from and then attacked the United State of America?

Two, an African-American woman, Brittany “Bree” Newsome and her partner who at the moment is the Andrew Ridgeley to her George Michael. Who knows if she could have done it without him, but he certainly helped. Running a decoy by dressing up like an official who would be messing with a flag pole bought her some time. Holding the pole steady certainly didn’t hurt either. His final contribution was being a white guy when both were being arrested.

However and rightfully so, activist Bree Newsome, is the star of the day and #FreeBree was trending by the time I woke up and the video was barely half an hour old. She did what many have wanted to do for half a century. When she isn’t bringing down public displays of hate she is a director and singer. She sounds a zillion times more interesting than that new Jem movie coming out.

I said there were two answers for that age old question. The second answer is not so clean cut, but I will give it a try. A governor – who shares the same appropriationist and redacted view of the flag many others do – to give sappy and reluctant speech. Two more branches government: A legislature to vote if they should even care to further vote upon the removal of the flag. And a court to deliberate on rather to repeal (and you know there will be) the vote of taking down the flag. Finally, same racist citizens to hem and haw and generate said repeals and petitions.

The tax payin’, I say the tax payin’ citizens of South Carolina should thank Bree Newsome. Now their government can do something truly productive instead of sucking up time and money on the obvious choice. Something that the state of Alabama has already done.

We as a nation should have stood up long ago and started pushing for this. Enough is enough. The confederacy fell a century and a half ago and the flag that flies today was never created during the lifespan of the confederacy. Let’s throw our support behind her and anyone else who deserves it!


Then I clicked on too many links and found this guy. I am going to call him Greely Jedediah Bartholomew Samhain Cacaine Kumquat-Jones VII The Proud, but his friends call him “Hunk” due the hunk of meat he has on his shoulders. He said, “I hope she is enjoying the flag from the view in her cell (unpunctuated.)”

Next, two of his fellow klansmen showed up and added “just make her put it back ,,then jail her(unpunctuated although after the comma fiasco, we thank you.)” and “Now she is just a thief…..JJ chimed in also.. what a hoot he is… LOL (unpunctuated as he had already used his allotted quota of periods by this point.)”

We as a society have work to do. Let’s keep this forward momentum going and calling people out on their bullshit.

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