Habanero Hot Step

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache. It could possibly have something to do with the four s’mores I slammed last night. Although more than likely it had something to do with all the homemade habanero salsa I consumed instead.

I had never made habanero salsa before, but I’d had a bee in my bonnet ever since I’d ate some definition altering sauce at Santeria in Portland. I wanted to make a sauce that was similar. Something thicker and with more low end flavor than those runny sauces that, while delicious, are a one note runny vehicle for heat, salt, and vinegar. When I saw habaneros on sale at the grocery store, I knew that yesterday was the day.

One thing I hadn’t counted on was pepper spraying the entire apartment. Habaneros are some serious shit compared to the jalapenos I use for my regular salsa. My wife was coughing like crazy from the other room and I would too from time to time. Heating up habaneros makes the spicy heat airborne. A cough would force us to inhale and we would be forced to cough more. Even with the exhaust fan on, there was no escaping it.

I persevered though and continually tasted the salsa, ensuring I had the proper amount of onion, garlic, and cilantro. My version is dang close to what I was trying to imitate. So in celebration I marinated some tofu and pulled out the slaw and pico de gallo I already had on hand and made tacos for dinner.

I pretty much drenched my share with the habanero salsa before adding sriracha and another homemade salsa on top. By the end of dinner my nose was running and I was sweating big time. Not only due to the peppers, but we are in the middle of a heatwave. Then I ate four s’mores, three my wife knows about – until she reads this.

Back to today, my tried and true solution for getting rid of a stomach ache is to go for a run. I mean I could lay on the couch for ten hours, but that ain’t my bag. So I went for a solid ten kilometer run, in the middle of a gaddamn heatwave. I had no water left by the time I finished and made beelines for any sprinklers I saw along the last stretch. I also had my belt on in precarious spot that caused my shirt to chafe my chest.

So when I get home, I am sweating buckets, my legs are tired, my left nipple is just on the cusp of bleeding, and I still had a stomach ache. Oh and few hours later, the clouds moved in, engulfing the sun and dropping the temperature. Oh well, having a lovely lunch with my wife was great and the peanut butter and jelly donut was the perfect ending to the afternoon.

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