Where Do Popstars Come From?

Just to be clear, I am talking about popstars and not poptarts. My fondness for the topic of the latter may lead to many typos out of familiarity. No matter what I type, I am always talking about popstars not poptarts.

Back to the question at hand, where do popstars come from. I mean they aren’t exactly the singer songwriter type are they? The genre they become known for isn’t exactly accommodating to the acoustic guitar slung over the shoulder or keyboard hauled around in a broke ass hatch back type of musician is it?

Do the venues that fledgling mega musicians inhabit inspire popstars? I for one couldn’t imagine sitting in a smoke filled bar through a set of Casio backed Alejandro and Poker Face. There is a lot of stage presence involved in being a popstar: singing, dancing, costumes, and what not. A single musician can’t pull that off and the more people they have in their band, the less room the stage has for theatrics.

It isn’t like proving your band is rocker material. Did you see how we all just showed up in the same ten minute window, looking like we just woke up and are on our way to our American Eagle photoshoot? Look our bass player will always be a part of us, even though he is going to university in the fall. One does not simply break up Pug Cuddle Huddle!

So do popstarts just pop into existence? Does someone scout them out for one talent and then tests them for other popstar requisites? How many popstars have fallen because they couldn’t change costumes fast enough? Perhaps it is all well connected people who some how get to know producers and just make their way in. Are there simply try outs, the same way undiscovered actors get parts?

I guess I could just watch the Katy Perry movie or maybe ask google. Honestly though, I don’t have the strength to dig through the My Little Pony sphere of the internet to find out the answers to Lady Gaga’s origins. Also, I don’t really give a flip what the answer is. However, if you have any insights, comment away.

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