A Fist Full of Posts

Did anyone else know that the fist is the unofficial unit for measuring blog posts in a week? Me neither, probably because it isn’t. Yesterday I hit a teeny tiny landmark for blogging. I had a new blog post everyday for a week straight. Heck, one day even had two posts!

I know some bloggers have gone on for years without missing a day. It was after reading one of their inspiring posts that I set a goal to post everyday for a week. I never even intended for my blog to live in that kind of time. I didn’t think I could sustain this kind of output, I guess I still don’t.

Prompts and time to write aren’t necessarily growing on trees at the moment. However, I am trying to squeeze the time in whenever and where ever I can. I am also open to a lot of topics and prompts.

Now with camp NaNoWriMo I find myself to be challenged and stretched in a multitude of different directions. Where do I spend my time at. Can I manage to hit two goals on the same day? Those goals being approximately 1,500 words for camp and a blog post. I am going to continue to try my best.

2 thoughts on “A Fist Full of Posts

  1. Congrats on blogging every day! I just started myself. I took on a ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ and when I finished I didn’t want to break the chain… I think the longer you go, the more you won’t be able to stop! Then again, I haven’t posted on today yet…


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