Is It Politically Correct To Go Fly The Confederate Flag?

I was digging through my site statistics. Way down at the bottom of the list, I saw that someone had found one of my blog posts by searching “Is it politically correct go fly the confederate flag.” Exactly like that. Word for word. Copy and pasted.

I am not certain if they found their answer. Nor am I certain that they still have the tab with zweihanderplusein open. They need closure though. I mean they googled it and came to my site looking for answers. I feel like I owe them. So with all the power I can muster, I am going to answer their question. Prepare yourself, Yahoo Answers, steel yourself. Battle approaches.

Well it kind of depends on the context of your question. If you are intending on running it up a flagpole then it is definitely not politically correct. In fact it is pretty much a no-no at this point. Don’t do it. Unless of course you live in one of those off the grid towns. The kind that at any minute of the day a horror movie could break out. All it takes is some city slickers new fangled smart car breaking down to kick off an hour and half’s worth of violence and gore. Hell, you would probably become the mayor if you did such a thing!

However, you may be okay to fly the confederate flag if you are one of the most civilized and good natured of the thieving and police evading red necks. Especially if you’re name happens to be Bo or Luke and you have the flag painted on top your car. This is a strict ruling and is reserved only for media and historical pieces. Although, I don’t know if it covers Dukes of Hazzard cosplayers. Sadly, many of my fellow liberal thinking kind have far exceeded necessity as of late. Somehow they have managed to convince a man named Bubba, that painting a U.S. Flag over the confederate flag on the authentic Dukes of Hazzard car is okay and will solve all the world’s problems.

I believe it is pertinent at this point to note the cars name, The General Lee, is also painted on the roof. The car was named after the Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Also, the car is orange, which is debatable as the color of the flag. I have seen the flag move between red and orange depending on who is making it and what material it is. Most importantly, it is a piece of film history and, like all other historical pieces, should not be tampered with. Especially, when it is such a hot mess that would require a full repaint in order to fully realize the dreams of this politically correct inquisition. If you are going to do something, do it right, but don’t do it.

Now, time for one final contextual variation. Did you mean as a kite? This one is a bit of a sticky wicket. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it and I assume many other level headed middle of the road folks don’t either. However, to our left and to our right are our microphone wielding loud as hell extremist spokespeople. Both are going to get up in your face about it. One will serve you legal papers and say “Good day to you sir!” as they get in their volvo and drive their one point five children to a soccer game – don’t ask about the point five, it is a mess. The other will spray you with chaw riddled spittle as they tell you some anecdotal story about their great great great great grandpappy having to fly kites uphill both ways in snow and how the kite you are flying reminds them of their proud heritage.

In short, unless you are watching The Dukes of Hazzard don’t mess with it. Also, don’t tell anyone you are watching The Dukes of Hazzard, especially the movie.

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