CBC vs. The Tories

Apparently a conservative bloated committee of the conservative bloated senate has heard Canadians. In a report, apparently we said we wanted change. Apparently we said that the CBC should get funding from somewhere else. Apparently, we are really concerned with how much Peter Mansbridge makes.

The report says it is time to revisit and update the Broadcasting Act, which hasn’t been updated since around 1991. It goes on to propose a tax on every household that has a TV, which is one way the BBC gets funding. It doesn’t mention if it just the ownership of a television or a cable subscription that triggers the tax. Since no one can pick up CBC with rabbit ears any longer, the practical person would suspect the cable subscription. In this case, I assume these cutting edge forward thinkers will just go with having a TV. In either case it was just a proposal and ultimately nothing to get worked up about.

Stricter policies are also called for in the report in order to deal with issues like Jian Ghomeshi’s and Amanda Lang’s privately. Instead of reacting when they go public. Oh really? Perhaps cut a check and fire them. That is standard operating procedure over in the senate correct? If that doesn’t work just wait for the scandal trial, right?

I love CBC and listen to it almost everyday. I already have to put up with commercials that have totally changed the feng shui. I don’t mind getting taxed or donating. However, since the feds are giving less than half of what other industrialized nations are perhaps that is where somefunding should come from.

Anyone else a CBC fan out there? Any NPR or BBC folks want to empathize?

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