Running From A Wedding

I have had two long weekends back to back. While my blogging schedule has been nuked from orbit, I have been loving life. Just got back from a wedding. All in all it was a great time! I am starting to think I may just be a fan of weddings. Sometimes I get a little teary eyed and weddings usually seem to be a pretty good time.

Speaking of good times, I went for a run the last day there. I like to run in new towns and places. Kind of like collecting sports cards except I’m collecting experiences of running in different places. As I stopped to ask a woman where my landmark, Mr. PG was, I finished my thought and invented a rejected Prince George pick-up line “because Mr. XXX is standing right in front of you.” I know it is a groaner. I am a terrible person for thinking it, but I can’t shut the jokes off.

When I got back, everyone was still asleep. I decided to walk around the hotel and wound up at the pool. I read the sign, it requested that people with discharging noses, eyes, ears, wounds and wearing band-aids do not use the pool. Judging by the three Band-Aids I found by my towel, I may have been one of the cleanest people in the pool. Even though, in a penultimate display of giving zero foo-chezzes and not to go back to the room and waking up my wife rifling through the suitcase for swimming trunks. I just jumped in the pool! I mean they are running shorts, which for all intents and purposes are swimming trunks, albeit a little thinner. I was incredibly mindful when getting out of the pool to ensure I wasn’t showin’ it all off. Don’t want to give it away for free. Also, the water was really cold so conditions weren’t the best.

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