Internet Vigilantism

Here in Vancouver, on the same day the world was swept up in the story of Cecil The Lion, another story broke. A video had been posted and picked up by a local media outlet. In the video a man is continually berating a woman who had opened his car door to provide temperature relief for the dog he had left in his car. Word has it that when she posted the video, she didn’t think it would blow up the way it did. Apparently she hadn’t been on the internet at all in her life or realized that, as a species, that is what we do. Judge the shit out of people based on the little context and few bits of information we have with little empathizing. In the end the video kind of disappeared because the guy has some sort of mental issue.

Also in Vancouver, water restrictions have been in effect for the past month or so. God help people that have green lawns for whatever reason. For instance living on a downward slope that is in shade most of the day can prevent the grass from being sunscorched and give the appearance that it has been watered. Some people are assholes and if are caught watering should be reported to the proper authorities, not on social media. Who knows if said asshole will even see the message. I think that is the point. We want to tell someone, but don’t have the chutzpah to report them to the authorities. If we don’t have the testicular fortitude for that, we certainly do not have enough to actually go knock on someone’s door and tell them they are being assholes.

We’ve evolved just enough to invent pitchforks, torches and the internet. Really quite amazing that we don’t hurl our own fecal matter. Point at something and tell us to hate it and we will. Oh boy will we hate the shit out of whatever it is. The dentist that killed the lion has shut down his practice, his house has been graffitied. I assume his family is also suffering from his stigma.

Don’t get me wrong for what I am going to say next. I was angry when I heard about Cecil. As a vegetarian it seems my blood sugar is always a little low when I hear about animal issues and I tend to get a little hot under the collar. At this point in time though, the doctor has been harassed enough. The wheels of justice have started to turn. He may face extradition charges and that is up to the legal system to decide what to do with him. It is time for everyone outside of his house, business, and everywhere else to move on.

Can’t wait for a few months when we all put on our pink shirts and tell kids to quit bullying each other. To tell them to not make fun of children, to not form groups that attack the few and weak, to not harass them on the internet. I know the media outlet who picked up the video of the guy yelling at the girl sure will be touting that.

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