Ubuntu Box

A few years back I inherited an old busted ass laptop from my sister in law. It had been handed down to her as well. I had to admit that it was slow and heavy. To top it all off, it had no WiFi.

The first thing I did was get a lightweight Linux distribution, Xubuntu, on it. Second thing I did was slap an Apple sticker on the back. How cool was I, plugging my heavy ass, blue and black, non-widescreen format laptop into the ethernet port at the coffee shop? I am sure some apple hipster was all “whoa look at that retro Mac that guy is pulling out of his back pack. Seriously, I hope he is lifting with his legs and not with his back!”

When we moved into our new place I told my wife I would get rid of it. I had put several more years on it and the hard drive would make clicking sounds and seemed generally unwell. It had been a fun ride over the past few years. Times are tough though and you got to give up some stuff to live in a better place.

I couldn’t bring myself to do it though and just drove around with it in the trunk for about a year. Then one night our car, along with several others in the parkade, was broken into. When we came down stairs the trunk had been thoroughly rifled through. The laptop was still there, but the lid was up. I guess the apple sticker had some curb appeal, although the dumb asses couldn’t read the Toshiba logo right by it I guess.

After that, I dragged the old girl back upstairs and she now sits on the file cabinet below my desk. She is up there in her years and can’t run much of anything these days. Recently I have been thinking about getting a new laptop. I spend most of my time writing so just something cheap, quick and light is all that I need. Aside from the lack of WiFi, I loved the portability of my old Ubuntu box.

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