International Cat Day

I am starting to sincerely to believe that each and every day, including days that already have major holidays on them, have a lesser known, yet thoroughly celebrated international holidays on them. I don’t celebrate all of them. Who has the time? Today though is a special one, it’s International Cat Day!

I assume that this is news to many cats! As they seem to believe that every day is international cat day. Surely they believe today should be International Thank The Supreme Feline Overlords For Allowing Us To Live Another Year Day. Seriously though, cats are great and so are dogs. No lines drawn here.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Silver, the girl with the unamused look pictured above. She moved out a couple of years ago and moved in with some friends. She was locked in a vicious turf war with one of our dogs. His methods were to hog turf. While her methods involved peeing on everything. She is much happier now and is no longer a loose cannon. However, this did throw a hurdle in she and I opening a bookstore as she can’t take transit and is one of the most dangerously aggressive drivers I have ever seen.

Anyone doing anything special with their cats today? Got any stories to share or even better, any photos? Put them down in the comments if you’d like!

4 thoughts on “International Cat Day

  1. I’m a total cat lady, but I have nothing to share because I’m allergic to cats and have never really taken one home. I can’t spend more than 10 mins with a kitty without sneezing my brains off. Sucks to be me. I hope no one finds himself leading such an ironic life.

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