First Day of School

I was cruising through my facebook feed this morning and saw a couple of pictures of kids all pumped up and ready for their first day of school. I looked at the date and I got a negative feeling in my tummy. It’s August twelfth, is it really time to go back to school?

I don’t remember having to go back this early, but maybe we did. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter as I loathed the first day of school. I think I may have really been excited for Kindergarten, but who isn’t. A fun sounding name that literally translates to children’s garden, which I am assuming understood in reverse as a garden of children. Either way it works and sounds like a great time, plus it is fun to say. Kids just eat and sleep their way through the day with a few sing alongs to break it all up.

Then you get sucked into the system and become a brick in the wall and the teachers just won’t leave you alone. Open your books! “Where is my graham cracker snack” I respond in protest! Day after day, year after year. Everything is the same, but harder. Students work hard and get rewarded with more difficult work in larger portions. Just like real life!

From Kindergarten to the real world in less than a year. By second grade everyone knows why grown ups smoke and drink. One realizes why the age limits to buy smokes and booze are so high, because if we all started eleven years sooner, we would be worse off as a society.

There are those weird kids who are locked in battle for valor victorian. They will battle each other all through the years of school. Some will make it, some will fizzle out and one gets the prize. Does anyone care?

I loved summer break and school was just something that got in the way. I had to lay down my bike, put down the Dungeons & Dragons, turn off the HBO and most importantly put down the video game controller. Summer is dead, long live summer!

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