Parkhurst: Last Year and Now

First post on the new blog!

the standards of living

Exactly a year ago, so exactly it was almost down to within the hour, my wife and I attempted to find Parkhurst, a ghost town just north of Whistler. We had briefly read the directions before going, but got a little confused on the whole keep the railroad tracks on our right part. So instead we decided to take the more trodden trail. We spent all day on the trail and tried many of the offshoots which lead to a logging base and several dead ends. We climbed some big ass rocks and sat for a bit. At the end we thrust our feet into the glacier fed river. Which is now an annual tradition. While we had a great time, we never found Parkhurst.

This time we read the directions a little better. Since we already knew all the ways to not get there and that literally keeping the tracks on…

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