National Dog Day 2015

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Today is possibly the happiest holiday there can be and therefore, the best. Just a bunch of people telling their dogs, “Happy National Dog Day!” Maybe giving their best friends some treats or taking them for extra special walks! Heck, maybe some people can even bring them to work. All the while dogs just wag their tails like crazy and do something cute. As they are vessels of endless joy.

ndogd_header The boys on the trail

These are our two boys, Jacoby and Bleu, brothers from other mothers. Jake was about a year and half old when Bleu came along. According to the little man, Bleu, they are inseparable. There was one little spat, but that was just working out some logistics in dog. If we take Jake to the vet, Bleu will lie by the door and wait for his return. Intermittently emitting his nasally moan, “Mmmmmmmmm.”

Bleu with his crazy ears Bleu with his crazy…

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