Waiting for the Meteor

I don’t hold much hope for humanity tonight. Perhaps it is the fact that I have to pay attention to two elections right now. One is enough to make ya crazy. Two is enough to make you realize how fucked we are. I am just starting to think there may be too many crazy people […]

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Shit Slinger: The Legendary Oscillating Fan of Judgement

Long ago, in an age before the internet. During a time when the Maple Leafs could have been champions. There was an oscillating fan of legendary origins. A fan for whom without, the phrase “When the shit hits the fan,” would not exist. A fan with many names : Shit Slinger, Vornado Brownblade, Stinkwind of […]

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Literally Another Shitty Morning

Originally posted on the standards of living:
At nearly four in the morning, the bedroom light switched on. When my eyes opened I saw my wife heading out the door. There was a mumbly verbal exchange between us. I didn’t know what she had said was going on. All I knew was the light was…

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Windows 10 And The Open Door Policy

Windows 10. I don’t know what to think about you. Apparently, you will herald a new era of gaming and technology. I have to admit, you had me at free and gaming. I also heard about how it was kind of like 8, but without all the sucky parts. Then I started to find stuff […]

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The Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles Platform

Election season is bearing down on us in Canada. The NDP and Liberals are neck and neck. The Conservatives, unfortunately, have not fallen behind by a safe enough distance to allow any breathing room. We have an abundance of progressive parties and one stuck in the mud party. Anything could happen! There are a lot […]

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Boba Fett Is Dead! Long Live… Whatever…

That is right nerds. Boba Fett, the quietest, deadliest, and coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy is dead. I suppose he has been for the last few months or at least ever since it became news that only the movies and that tv show were canon. After falling into a sarlacc pit at the end […]

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Expanding A Bit On Fat Shaming with A Dash of Fit Shaming (I Guess?)

About a week ago – unless you are reading this two or more weeks from now – I wrote a post about that atrocious woman and her fat shaming video. I mostly wanted to breakdown some parts of her video and vent. She really ticked me off. It wasn’t that she was hurting my feelings. […]

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