Taxes: Deficits & Surpluses

If you have been reading my posts for awhile, you will probably have been able to assume or have read that I lean a little to the left. Although, I like to keep things a bit more on the moderate side and am I big fan of compromise. Both sides shaking hands and working together in jolly cooperation.

Here is a stunner. I don’t mind being taxed. Do I love being taxed, no. However, I live in a capitalist country. I like buying shit and getting a good deal on it. Why wouldn’t I want my government to do the same. Sometimes, they can get a better deal on things than we could. Sometimes they don’t. The main thing here is that they are buying shit. A lot of the time it is for the good of society: roads, health care, education. Sometimes it is for them: babes, beach bungalows, and blow.

Yes, I do have a big issue when our tax dollars are used for some politician’s slush fund. Yes, I don’t like it when money seems to be wasted. Yes, I don’t enjoy when the government buys things that I wouldn’t spend my money on. You know what? Without getting into another conversation here, that is what voting is for. Vote for the people who want to spend your money the way you want it spent.

I don’t want my government to run a surplus. That means that they have taken my money and have not spent it. They have cut programs and left guns on a shelf. I want the government to make it rain. Food for kids, needles for addicts, cheaper transit for everyone. Give it to me!

At the same time deficits are bad and I don’t want them to run one. Sure, maybe one could be ran for a year or so, but that is it. I am not running up my credit cards. Why would I want my government to do that?

I am not really sure why taxes are held in such a bad light. Yes, it sucks having money taken away from you. But driving down a nice road is good, right? Having an ambulance haul you to the hospital is good, right? Having the coast guard, sewers systems, and national parks, while different things, are good to have. Right?

So in closing, deficits are bad and surpluses are bad. Get money, spend money, and keep that closing number at zero. I know there are people that are all “I can spend money better!” Sure you can buddy. The same way you can fix that sports teams performance the day after the game from your couch.

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