Bank Roll, All Over You!

Banks. Are you kidding me? Open up right after you get to work and close right before you can leave. Not one ounce of wiggle room. I guess there are a few that are young and hip enough to have changed their hours. Who wants to spend time switching to those banks though? I took time out at the end of my day to bend to my financial institutions will. They are after all, the one with all the money.

By the time I got there, less than thirty minutes remained to closing time. Every miserable bastard on the face of the planet was there at the bank. Each one of us was inconvenienced in our own way. All of us had taken time out of our day to be here on someone else’s schedule.

Luckily, there were a lot of tellers. I hoped to the point of becoming devout and screaming religious figures names into the tiled ceiling that I didn’t get one of them in particular. The one that would not just do my order, but proceed to not easily hand over everything and let me go. The one that would go through each and every notice on my account.

“Oh hey, you have been with us for a zillion years, want a credit card with an annual fee?”


“Oh hey, seems you have a credit card with us, do you want to pay extra for insurance?”


“It will pay off your balance in case you get injured.”


Nothing like being in a hurry and getting that teller. My pleas were answered and I got someone else. I guess there is some greater force in the universe and it was present with me in the bank. Devoting its entire attention to me. Steering each and every transaction. So if anything else bad happened somewhere else, I am sorry, my bad. No one said it would be easy being a chosen one.

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