Windows 10 And The Open Door Policy

Windows 10. I don’t know what to think about you. Apparently, you will herald a new era of gaming and technology. I have to admit, you had me at free and gaming. I also heard about how it was kind of like 8, but without all the sucky parts. Then I started to find stuff out. Like how you would start charging me for updates after two years. At the sametime 7 and 8 will be supported for many years to come. It isn’t that I am opposed to paying for stuff. It is that I don’t know what paying for updates actually looks like. Can I eventually buy a full copy and get out of these monetized updates? Is this going to be like the cat days of OSX and Snow Leopard?

Then there was that whole bit about automatically downloading onto peoples machines. Even the ones that didn’t reserve a copy. Without so much as a how do you do. Just gobbling up precious monthly gigabytes. On top of that you are apparently a nosey son of a bitch. Looking for cracks and other assorted “nasty” things. While I am not one of those types. I am not sure how I feel about my OS going all, old lady across the street watching out her window between syndicated episodes of Columbo, on me.

At this point, I have a reserved copy that I haven’t installed yet. Every few days it pops up and says “Hey, you wanna have a good time, install me!” I just click the X and close the damn window. I have a funny feeling that if I click anything else I will somehow schedule myself for some sleazy auto install.

Auto install, really? I know it can happen, my wife’s PC just did it. I am sorry honey, I forgot to check the PC at 6 A.M. and cancel any pending install. If you are reading this before I can tell you, don’t worry, all your stuff is still there! There wasn’t any other option. Either, I am going to install right now or in three days. And as promised, you installed in three days. I don’t know how I feel about that. No, I do. I think it is bullshit. It is one thing to pop up a reminder in three days, it is another thing to just auto install. Seems like something malware would do. Not saying you’re malware, just sayin’.

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