How I Vaccuum The Effin’ Car

My wife and I recently went on vacation with the dogs. Five nights in a cabin at the end of the continent, in a little town called Ucluelet. For the few of you who haven’t heard of it yet have been to Tofino, just turn left instead of right at the ocean. Five nights means […]

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Bike Nuts, The Gun Nuts of the West Coast!

There seems to be three kinds of people in this world: people who love guns, people who love cycling, and people who don’t give a flip about either. At the moment I belong to the third group. However, I have been teetering around the border of the cycling enthusiast group for a while now. What […]

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National (Insert Bullshit Thing That Doesn’t Really Need To Be Celebrated or Revered) Day

I have written a few posts recently about those national and international days where everyone celebrates or does something silly and superflous. Most of them seem to revolve around food or activities. My posts revolve around cats, dogs, and running. Today is apparently National Dessert Day. A week or so ago there was National Burger […]

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Columbus Day: A Celebration of Wrong!

Christopher Columbus was a lame ass and is a shining example of what is wrong with western society. Wonder why the Kardashians are popular? Questioning Hasselhoff’s existence? Wondering how some celeb who was all cute and cool turned into a hot mess? People, it is nothing new! In fact, Christopher Columbus may be one of […]

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