Castle Grayskull Is Weird, Right?

How many of you out there are He-Man and The Masters of The Universe fans? I bet a lot of you are. If you aren’t, maybe our society projected genders interested you in She-Ra: Princess of Power. She was kind of a stage stealer wasn’t she? Just a solo act name that didn’t give her […]

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Our World, Right Now.

I am so frustrated I just want to scream and pound on my keyboard. Why is it that anytime the world actually tries to take a step forward for team humanity, there are lugnuts that drag their feet and eventually throw themselves down in the dirt and throw a huge temper tantrum. Conservatism. There are […]

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Twitter, I Will Not Favorite the Like.

Today was my first day of actually seeing the heart. I had read it was happening. That the excellent, versatile, and contextually sensitive favorite star was being replaced by the low brow, easy entry, noob friendly, lowest common denominator, facebook migratory sign, the like with heart button. I do not like it. It isn’t that […]

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