Castle Grayskull Is Weird, Right?

How many of you out there are He-Man and The Masters of The Universe fans? I bet a lot of you are. If you aren’t, maybe our society projected genders interested you in She-Ra: Princess of Power. She was kind of a stage stealer wasn’t she? Just a solo act name that didn’t give her band any credit. Anyway, that isn’t what I wanted to talk about. Castle Grayskull is the topic at hand.

It’s weird, right? The appearance of Castle Grayskull is totally badass, but not befitting of a place where good guys hang out. A huge skull chiseled from stone with an entire castle around it. Seems like a place where an evil wizard that would really love to be supreme ruler of the world would live. In Dungeons & Dragons terms the facade would seem to be lawful evil. Grayskull doesn’t sound like a place any lawful good character would inhabit except to kick said evil wizard’s ass and loot the place blind.

So why do the heroes operate out of there? According to the wikipedia, the appearance was to keep the castle protected over the hundreds of years it took for He-Man to show up. A little something to scare people away. Some spell that the sorceress and her retconned BFF’s put together way back in the day. He-Man showed up and the castle kept its eerie appearance.

It didn’t really seem to do its job though. From what I remember, everyone was trying to get into it or stopping by to hang out. All of Eternia seemed to know about Castle Grayskull, hell everyone knew the name!

Oh sure, the denizens of eternia didn’t come around, but they didn’t seem to venture out in the countryside much or exist at all. Much in the same manner that Skeletors henchmen were one of a kind, the only member of their race. Except for the snake men. Who were seriously a handful of snake people living in a cave under Snake Mountain. There were seven males and no females. Which could be why their numbers had dwindled. Speaking of which, how are Eternia’s numbers doing? I can think of four women that live there. Something is seriously awry in the world of Eternia. Maybe it is a by-product of the magic of Grayskull.

Regardless, Grayskull looked like a badass castle the entire time. It housed the powers that would turn Prince Adam and Cringer into He-Man and Battle Cat. If fear of its discovery was so high, why not hide it completely? Turn it into a rock, put it on another plane of existence.

I think it speaks volumes about the astuteness of Eternians that they couldn’t figure out that He-Man was their prince in a furry loincloth. At least Superman had the gumption to take off his glasses and futz with his hair. Why go through all the trouble of casting a spell? Seems like the Castle Grayskull custodial staff could have just put up an out of order sign and called it a day.

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