Usually I like to write posts that are kind of jokey. Other times I like to grump about something that is making me grumpy. This is going to be something different. I started writing this the night we received the bad news. News concerning that big guy pictured up there. For those of you who […]

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The X-Files

My wife and I watched the X-Files relaunch on Sunday night. She is a big fan and wanted to watch it live and not PVR’ed. We barely got to the couch by 6:58. There was some football game on. Apparently it was a big deal and was still in the throes of ingratiating itself and […]

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National Hug Day

I know I have talked about these unofficial national and international holidays before. There are just so many of them, who has the time to celebrate them all? How many celebratory days does it take before they lose their lustre? Well today I am not saying that! I have changed my mind and lifted the […]

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The Follow Unfollow Game

I am a proud member of #TeamFollowBack. If someone follows me and they aren’t trying to sell me followers or they don’t seem like a fake account, I will follow them back. I don’t care what they do or what they are into: Accounting, kittens, travel, marketing, erotic authors, whatever. Just as long as those […]

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More PC More Problems

My friend, Machismo Wainwright, recently gifted me a copy of Fallout 4. I had been playing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas a lot lately and he knew I was a big fan. What he didn’t know was the reason why I hadn’t procured my own copy of Fallout 4. My computer was underwhelming and […]

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Hair of the Drone

The CES, Consumer Electronic Show, was going on all last week. A magical time of year where everyone’s tech nerdiness comes out as they try to be unique tech loving snowflakes. “I love technology!” people yarp in luddite excluding self-actualizing clarity. Loving tech is fine. Just like loving Star Wars, video games, comic books, whatever. […]

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