Un Momento Por Favor

Look at that, new year, new language. Not really, I have kind of been able to somewhat speak Spanish for awhile now, kind of. Just wait for the Nolanian twist. One of those words up there isn’t what it seems. In fact one of those words may look Spanish, but it isn’t. One of those words es un lobo en oveja’s clothing. Which one is it? Read on and find out!

A few days back, twitter started blowing up. When I awoke the next morning, stuff was still blowing up. Big time! Sure the hashtag may have dropped a few spots, but it was still going strong. Besides, what hashtag can possibly stand against One Direction news? Not even an isolated country testing a hydrogen bomb and causing an earthquake could do that. Which is precisely that the trending topic was about. North Korea had gone nuclear!

Cool! Keeping the mid 1900’s alive and well, along with the atomic dream. What isn’t to like about that? Any Mad Men cosplayers should pack their bags and head to Pyongyang immediately. Get in the on the ground level of what most assuredly will be a grand time filled with dames and no non-smoking sections at restaurants.

Social media was on fire with fearful people filling their pants whilst tweeting sentiments, such as, but not limited too: Why have we been ignoring him? Time to send the military there! Let’s start another war! Let’s nuke them first! Forget about ISIS, Syria, and Iran, this is the real threat!

In general, “We need to do something!” While I must admit, the thought of a country that has not had much to do with the rest of the world for the last fifty years getting a weapon of such power is worrisome. I also must say that maybe it isn’t as bad as everyone is fearing.

For real the international espionage community has to really know what is going on. Somewhat. Maybe they don’t know everything. Yet, if they know that – as of the time of this writing – I am wearing a blue banana hammock, then they can have an idea of what the hell is going on in North Korea. So just chill!

I would like to stand this whole thing on its head and present a new possibility to think about. All the unbreakable Kim Jong Un wants is to be taken seriously and to talk. That’s it! Many of us don’t follow our parents into their line of work. Imagine filling your dad’s shoes at his job as supreme leading dictator of a country. That certainly would require one to bring the ye-olde A-game. Shoot a few uncles. Send some images of stuff that seems like you have your shit together.

The problem is he doesn’t really get respect from the outside world. He kind of has that fat kid from Stand By Me meets Ross from Friends vibe. However, nuclear power makes the world take note. Everyone takes the U.S. seriously. Iran got the U.S. to negotiate a deal. Nuclear power is like having cool shoes in high school or whatever it is the kids deem cool these days.




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