Williams Lake: Pre-Mature Injectulation

I heard something interesting on tonight’s news. Something that was interesting only because of how out of left field and uninformed it was. Something that made me stop preparing dinner and walk into the living room. Something that made me sit down and giggle. Williams Lake is a small town in British Columbia. It is […]

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Happy Mother Stuffin’ Valentine’s Day!

Originally posted on zweihander plus eins:
  What a great and glorious day the marketing necromancers at card, chocolate, and jewelry companies have invented for us. Conjured straight from thin air. No besmirching of pagan traditions. No solstice to expand on and contort into some holiday. Just an arbitrary date in the middle of February.…

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The White Power Closet

There seems to be a lot of hate south the Canadian border. It could just be the media loving easy stories with similar themes. It could just be Donald Trump loving free publicity. It could just be Phil Anselmo being an idiot. It could just be that I know it is Phil Anselmo being an […]

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