Two Homeless Guys On A Bus

It came to light this week that two homeless men from Saskatchewan had ridden a bus to British Columbia. That doesn’t sound very interesting, but the why and how is. The Saskatchewan government provided the tickets. This is apparently not that unusual. Provincial governments have been known to purchase bus tickets for people who are […]

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Trump vs. The Raccoons

Recently, I read an article written by a Trump supporter. I just had to know the inner workings of their mind. I thought I maybe I would come to understand what the attraction is. Hell, I thought I may even find, the love. The article was essentially about how Washington has started fail people in […]

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Takin’ Her For A Spin

For a little over the last year I have been looking into getting a laptop. What started it all was a heavy interest in chromebooks. I figured why not? I didn’t want to spend a lot money. A majority of the time I spend in front of the computer at home is spent writing. Somedays […]

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