Jim Himes Is A Bad Ass

Before tonight, I had no idea who Jim Himes was. In fact, when I saw him trending for not taking part in a moment of silence, I assumed he had done so because he was some sort of hate filled douche canoe. How wrong I was! Turns out he is a Democrat with an actual set of ethical testicles. He walked out on the Republican lead moment of silence because he is tired of it. I agree. Not because of his party affiliation, but because I’m tired of it too.

What good are thoughts and prayers? Not very much when there is a new shooting every couple of weeks. It would seem no one has any productive thoughts and the prayers are going unanswered. Before Orlando, I don’t remember the last time I really took note of the latest mass shooting in the States. I usually get a little flustered. I mean, there is a serious freaking issue, the answer isn’t easy, and a lot of people don’t want to even try to fix it.

I’ve written about gun control before. I’ve read plenty of articles and posts from both sides. I’m of the mindset that civilians don’t need assault rifles. Why do we need guns designed to easily kill people in combat situations? On the off chance the government turns on us? They are going to attack us with drones and smartphones. In case the aliens come back for Trump? They aren’t coming back for him and honestly they can have him and Hillary.

So, what exactly constitutes an assault rifle? I don’t know, how about big two handed mother fuckers that are fully automatic? Any size of gun that shoots many bullets again and again. What about any gun with a high capacity magazine. How about anything that hunters wouldn’t shoot a deer with? What if we simply asked ourselves, “What would Charles Bronson shoot with this?” If the answer isn’t an animal in order to put food on the table, then fuck it!

Regardless, with the fact that pellet guns are viewed as toys because they shoot five feet per second less than a “real” gun, I’m sure we will be unhappy with the ruling to some degree. Anything would be a start though. Anything would be a start? That is how bad this is! I will take a senator farting on a piece of paper as a sign of progress.

Yet, how do we go about catching air with our bare hands? How do we put the genie back in the bottle? How do we go about not alienating the responsible gun enthusiasts, while getting guns away from assholes. I don’t fully know, nor do I get paid to figure it out. However the government does, so instead of being silent, why don’t they pull their hands out of the NRA’s pockets and fix the fucking problem?

Come on gun people! I know this is your passion but for fuck’s sake, your passion is killing innocent people. I’ve read your stuff and I’ve seen the logic in some of your reasons. Sure Chicago works, for some reason. Maybe it is because everyone has a gun, but do we really want to live like we are in the wild west? Yes, the founding fathers said we had a right to bare arms, but they didn’t know about AR-15’s or Sig Sauer MCX’s. Also, the reason to keep guns was to hunt and to protect the country by being a member of a militia. It wasn’t about preparing for the off chance that you may get your very own John McClane moment.

I agree that if some asshole wants to kill people they can find alternate means. However, assholes seem to prefer guns. They are easy to get and easy to use. Trucks of fertilizer take too long to fill, box cutters take too much physical effort, shoe bombs don’t work, and dynamite? Honestly, where the hell does one buy dynamite? Maybe by the time they found some they will have had time to cool down. To get the help they need.



3 thoughts on “Jim Himes Is A Bad Ass

  1. I tried to post a comment just before and a glitch occurred so I don’t think it went through.

    Okay so, I don’t usually comment on the decisions made in somebody else’s country.

    However, as the deaths by gun violence seem so tragic and it is beginning to happen more and more here in Canada, I thought that I might throw in a comment.

    Yes, there is a valid reason for the “right to bear arms” to be in the American Constitution. However, most people who seem to be citing this right don’t seem to know it’s historical basis – the struggle between the Irish and the British that was a significant factor in the eventual American Revolution.

    I don’t believe that the Founding Fathers of the USA were stupid people, far from it. I don’t believe that, were they alive today, they would sit back and allow the rules that they set to avoid such tyranny be used in support of it.

    The question isn’t whether one has the right to bear arms. The question is now whether there is a better alternative than bearing arms in order to achieve the objectives that the Founding Fathers envisaged.

    With all due respect,


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    1. Well thank you for commenting, even after the glitch. I fully agree with you and find myself dumbfounded every time someone brings up the right to own such weaponry and have it turned loose on the masses. Paranoia seems to be to real reason to bare arms now. Many feel that, what was said about being able to reform a government that is no longer working for the people, requires guns to fix. When instead it requires people to get up and be active politically minded folk. I don’t mean sheep and I don’t mean they have to go with the status quo.


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