Racist Costume Party


Has anyone else heard about this racist costume party that took place in Kingston, Ontario. That’s right Canada, we have more than our fair share of dipshits too. Although, the U.S. does it so much better. And really, it’s Ontario – wah wah.

Anyway, these – presumably – affluent students got together off campus and dressed like ethnic stereotypes. Then a comedian saw these images and – in the time honored tradition of tattling – started sharing them on social media. Now, many people’s sensitive attitudes have received digital purple nurples. Cue the torches and pitchforks!

There you’re all caught up.

Now,  my thoughts.

  • How are university students so stupid? A racist costume party sounds like a bad idea from  miles kilometers – because Canada – away.
  • Why is the school involved, this took place off campus? It should go to the police and the police will ignore it. You can’t arrest people for just being stupid. Otherwise the U.S. prison system would be full of Duck Dynasty fans and Trump wouldn’t have won because people with a criminal record can’t vote.
  • Is this a joke? Were these students being ironic, tongue in cheek, satirical contrarians? I’ve seen the pictures and I doubt it. The attendents looked pretty dipshitty, but that’s the problem with the internet. Context can be so easily manipulated. We’re all just one contextlessly captioned photo away from being a dipshit and we should make sure we know what we are angry about before reacting.


Case and point, I’m still working on it.


Wrap it up.

I don’t have any answers. If I did I would be on a cable news show being paid an “experts” wage. Sadly, I am not that egotistical. But let’s face it, Mel Brooks would have a lot of trouble making Blazing Saddles in this day and age. Or at least getting people to watch it and not say “That’s racist.” Mark Twain couldn’t get Huck Fin published without going through some dungeon dwelling hunchback. What’s potentially worse is how a comedian called this out. Talk about a type of person that should be able to take a joke or let things be subjective.

Look, I’m all for notifying assholes that they are assholes. Letting them know their knuckle-dragging, backwater, curmudgeonly ways are done with. These dipshits are probably jerks for attending a racist costume party. However, where’s the line? I don’t see it because it’s so thin. It’s a slippery slope until all of us become employees of Big Brother. How long will it be before those that dawn pink shirts for anti-bullying become what they protest? Just saying, asking, whatever. I don’t have the answers.


Thanks for reading! Please share and comment and wonder how long will it be before we can’t be skeletons and ghosts for Halloween?

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