McDonaldz All Day Breakfast


Today’s the day Canada! A thing that is sure to make the masses and fast-food enthusiasts clamor and whoop with joy. Something muttered upon drunken ears, that carries the promise of bliss that rivals the second coming. There is a milestone happening today that may or may not be widely known. I for one, knew nothing of it. It could be because I don’t have cable and haven’t gone to the proper sites to earn the ads in my facebook. It’s possibly because I have my nose buried in a book when I’m on the bus and missed the public transit campaign. I know for sure it’s because when I was told, I was into my cups and forgot about it for over a week until I saw it on twitter. McDonaldz’s all day breakfast is here, in Canada!

My McDonaldz All Day Breakfast Jingle and The Rest of The Post

No matter what time of day, morning, noon, night. After a workout or before you and your spouse fight. Anywhere or anytime, you can pick some McBreakfast foods for a few bucks and ninety-nine.*

I just made that all up! Much in the same way that I am winging this entire post. Here’s the thing, I don’t remember** the last time I had McDonaldz breakfast. There are two reasons for this and they aren’t as high falutin’ as someone else’s who says, “I don’t remember the last time I had McDonaldz breakfast.” would be.

First, I’ve been vegetarian for almost a decade. Which has taken the fun out of fast food breakfast. Sure, I still do egg and diary, but processed cheese is grody. I was never into the weird omelet skin eggs either. Second, McDonaldz doesn’t  have fucking biscuits in Canada. Now for some, that isn’t a big deal, and in fact, many Canadians aren’t aware of an issue. However, for those of us from the Midwest, South and anywhere that voted for Trump, this is a big enough deal for all of us to throw our hands in the air and scream, “Heavens, I do declare!”

Biscuits are an integral breakfast food. In fact, one cannot have a sausage biscuit, without the biscuit. It is true that, McDonaldz Canada does have english muffins and other carbohydrate vehicles. In fact, they have plenty of breakfast food and it’s served all day. Go. Enjoy. You won’t see me there though, I’m a biscuit man.


Getcha’ some!


* At participating locations.

** December 2015, but before then it was a very long time.

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