Pi Day and National Potato Chip Day


That’s it! This is ridics! I’ve written about  all these national days of bullshit celebrating before. How it’s kind of funny, but that the sheer amount of them has jumped the shark. That in some cases they’ve been double booked with actual holidays. According to the one web page I bothered to pull up, there are over 1,200 national days. So in that case, they’re all triple booked and then some. Something just isn’t right about it.

Happy Pi Day

Today, March, 14th, I got on the twitter and saw the Pi Day was trending. As it should. It’s funny and nerdy and all the things that people that would get the joke love so much. There’s also a reason to have it. In case you aren’t keeping up, the date is the rounded up value of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pies are round, unless you’re a heathen and “Pi” sounds like “pie.”

Unhappy National Potato Chip Day

However, there was something else trending as well, national potato chip day. I don’t recall ever hearing of this one before. Maybe it’s because I’m a national day grinch, but maybe it’s new. That one web page I pulled up couldn’t tell me who created it or when. And honestly, I didn’t care enough to go find another page.

So, what the hell? What kind of people need a day to eat potato chips. That’s a freakin’ bummer. Not to mention that because of such knobbery, Pi Day has to be double booked with national potato chip day. Here’s the M. Night Shyamalan twist, National Pie Day happened back in February.


Is there a separate national day for potato crisps?

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