The Bird’s The Word, The Bird Forgot The Word

  A few days back, I was having trouble remembering a word. This usually isn’t that big of a deal. A momentary lapse in memory and the word shows up. Or I just use my internal thesaurus and find an acceptable replacement or spray words like a scatter gun, until people get the point. I did the latter.

  In fact, I did it three times in an eight hour-ish period. Because for some reason, the word that I could not recall, couldn’t remember to save my life, I felt like using in three different scenarios. Two of those instances were about the same topic so it’s understandable. The other one was about some other random topic.

  Either way, all the conversations were about taking a couple of different things and putting them together. However, putting these things together and getting them to live in harmony is a bit of challenge. I’d say many sentences and words – oh how the conversation was going so well. Then like a fat kid tripping over the carpet on his run to the buffet for round two of mac and cheese,  the conversation fell flat and immediately stopped. Everyone looked at me, the looks on their faces said, “What’s up with fatty?”

  I stood there in silence, like the wind had been knocked out me. There was stammering. Then, in the presence of mission critical failure, the deluge of words. Some were close, some weren’t. Hell, I even described what I was trying to say and people started blurting out suggestions. Marry is what I landed on, but felt flat. Like drinking water that’s sat for a day.

  However, it did work. The conversation moved on and completed. I went on with life and came home. Around nine that night I was making coffee for the morning. While I was filling the carafe at the sink, I happened to look over at the coffee pot. In that instant, like a sucker punch of knowledge – BOOM! – I saw the word in my head. Its time in the sin bin was up and was once again part of my vocabulary. The word was reconcile!

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