Throwback Thursday



What’s the statute of limitations for Throwback Thursday? That’s what I pondered this morning as I set up Buffer for the day. Maybe I was being a little liberal with the hashtag, but I don’t feel that I abused it. Seriously though, how old does the content have to be? Do I need to show off how sweet my watermelon head looked with that Butthead haircut? Should I show off how awesome I looked in a pair of jams*? Is it necessary to have a topic that makes the Gen Y’ers whine about how old they are and start clamoring for the Xanax?

According to Urban Dictionary – one of my most trusted sources in this era of fake news and bullfuckery – the only requirement for Throwback Thursday is that the content be from an era where you were different. An era is a distinct period of time. Sure, it says long, but one man’s long is another man’s short. Whoop De freakin’ doo!

I say as long as it happened before last Thursday, that’s far enough for a throwback. That’s ancient history in this day and age. Hashtags have burned out faster. If you were constipated for that week, so much the better as it adds a distinction to that period of time.

What do you think? How much time needs to pass before a throwback is Throwback Thursday certified?


I’m sure we’ll look back at this and just laugh, laugh, laugh…


*What the hell! Jams was a brand? Mine obviously weren’t name brand.

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