Facebook Party: Reminding Me My Birthday Is Coming

Facebook told me that it’s party time. It’s had enough of my lack of planning birthday parties and felt that I needed to get a head start on it this year. Especially since I’m getting older and need more time for everything. Reaction time is at historical lows. Hell, it took me a good minute to recall the word, reaction. Thanks for looking out for me Facebook, you know me better than I know myself! Time for a Facebook party! (Bwa-bwa-bwahing of airhorns)

Now, I’m not one of those people that traditionally fear the annual age increase. The promise of good times and putting more distance between me and my formative years is still enticing. If I’m surrounded by friends on the day I put another tick on the board of death, so much the better. Simply put, I enjoy it, I just don’t make a big deal about it.

Part of it’s because I find it unbecoming when people pump up their birthdays. Sure guests love to have a good time, but does anyone need eight reminders for a White Rose Formal for a thirty one year old? I don’t even know what a White Rose Formal is! It sounds like something I made up on the spot, but whatever.

That’s just a personal opinion of course. No need to have witch hunts and put people on trial. Calm down internet, because here comes the twist. I also find it unbecoming when people don’t promote it at all. People need a heads up. Especially those that are close. This also includes coworkers. No one wants to discover it’s the big day while sitting on the birthday person’s lap. That’s just awkward Steve!

Of course maybe all of this is a symptom of my birthday remembrance guilt. I can’t remember people’s birthday for anything. Yet, many people can remember mine. Sure it helps that it’s on a holiday, but one can never tell if the people in my life are just super duper and remember my birthday or have an annual alcohol fueled Jim Morrison adventure and are told it’s my birthday by a French orangutan in the desert.

Yet, who needs drugs and a chatty ape when one has Facebook? It’s been reminding people of birthdays for years. Which is great for schmucks like me. Now, it has a new feature that reminds the birthday person the big day is approaching. That way they can go about setting up some gnarly shindig. Facebook party! The reminder contains all the Facebook information necessary to throw a great party: date, time, place and of course, the people. Making my life better and my wife’s life easier because she doesn’t have to prod the information out of me. But then, what would we have to talk about? I closed the window and went on with my life. Thus ensuring a communicative marriage.



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