Rules of Blogging and Nanowrimo

First rule of blogging, don’t allude to any breaks or gaps in content that have already occurred. In other words, “If you can’t say anything, don’t let people know that you failed to say anything at all.” Second, love yourself for the narcissistic,cosmically offended moral compass of piety that you are. The third? Don’t allude to any breaks or gaps of content that have already occurred.

To those that have noticed an absence of posts, sorry and thanks. It’s okay that you didn’t assume the worst and filed a missing person’s report or anything. The police didn’t need to get involved, because laziness isn’t a crime. Even though, something could have been horribly wrong. However, I’ve just been busy with life, transferring the site to a new host, and prepping for Nanowrimo. Yep, that’s right. Now I’m on the hook because I’ve mentioned it to a few people.

For those who don’t know, National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a. Nanowrimo, is a magical time that happens a few times a year, but especially every November*. During this time, typically sane people attempt to write a book in a month. That is on top of everything else they have to do and at the sacrifice of what they usually do in their day to day lives. I should call out that it’s more of a first draft these folks are aiming for. Something to whittle away at for the next year or six and turn it into an actual book.

I’ve tried one other time before, but came up short, by a lot really. Mostly because it was my first attempt and I had no outline or any real idea what I was wanting to do. Although I was having fun and didn’t think what I was working on was a dumpster fire, I could see that it was turning into a huge mess.

This year will be different! At least I hope. It’s a whole new project, one that I’ve been cooking in my head for years. Even better, I have an outline. I only hope that it’s enough of one to get me through the rough times. I’ll post when I can.

*November shot first!

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: #2

Well the first week of camp is pretty much over with. Kind of sad to see it leave, but I love to watch it go. I have been in front of my computer every single day – including my birthday – busting my hump writing. Each day, I have hit my word target and according to the website I am on track to finish on the 29th of July.

A few days before camp started I got the bright idea to crank up the post rate on my blog. I have supplied zweihanderplusein’ers with a new post each day since the 26th of last month. It’s manageable, but why the hell did I set two goals at the same time? As the saying goes; Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it!

At this point I have 12,185 words down. Sure they are in a globulus pile that may have once resembled the idea of what my story was. If I were to start proofreading I believe I would discover some Lovecraftian truth about the universe and just wind up crying in heap on the floor. My sanity and my will to carry on like a wayward son, shattered.

Sure, I will need to go over these words a few extra times along with the 40,000ish other words I haven’t written yet. That was the plan though. Get drunk on the idea of writing a book, I mean really drunk, liquor and beer drunk. Wake up and say, that isn’t my puke drunk. Waddle hung over to the computer, start writing, and hear someone crying from somewhere else in the house drunk. Puke the words out! All over the place in any order. I can clean it up later. Turn it into something people may want to read. Just. Keep. Writing.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: #1

Today is the first day of camp. I don’t know how things are going to go. I have my little outline and mind map made out. I even have a few blurby bits here and there. Do I expect to hit 50,000 words. Nnnnnooooooooot rrrreeeaallllyy. I can try though right! I mean how hard can it be to write a speculative autobiography/humor bathroom reader/science fiction novel?

If you see a slowing down of posts or a complete absence, don’t be worried. I am fine, just busy working on something else on the side of what I am already working on the side with. Wish me luck! If I am not excreting pure excrement, perhaps I will throw a few choice cuts up on the blog.