I bought a pair of Asics last weekend. I’m a runner, I guess. I’ve been running long enough that I should just be considered a runner. Thing is, I don’t exactly look like a runner. Nor do I do all the weird things runners do. I’ll see you in hell before I attach a fanny pack or visor to my person.


Anyway, around five hundred kilometers, shoes start breaking down. They lose all their good support. They may last a bit longer, but one should start looking for new shoes. Mine had six hundred and fifty seven – that the NSA knows about, I think there is an additional twenty to thirty from undocumented treadmill runs – since I bought them twelve months ago. I needed a new pair of shoes.


Lucky for me, I went to the mall for some other reason and the shoe store was having a grand opening. Everything was twenty percent off. Except for the Asics Optimum 180’s I bought, which were down to $79 from there usual $160. For those of you who call tangents “Break out conversations,” that’s a whopping fifty percent.

It was part of the door crasher deals. The best part is I bought them in the afternoon. The store had been open for hours. I didn’t have to be there early or stand in line.

They also happen to be a very comfortable pair of shoes and I see why everyone has been recommending them. Running is squishy and firm at the same time. Which is usually a one or the other kind of deal. The squish feels more supportive than the foam that New Balance has. They feel great!

*This is an Arrested Development reference. If you haven’t watched it yet, add yet another tally to the poor life decisions column.