Pulled Out of A Nose Dive

There was a time when I used to say that Friday was the most awesome day of the week. People would look at me funny. I knew what they were thinking, “But we are at work.” They had a point. However, I always thought of Friday as some of the final moments of Die Hard 2 where John McClane kicks somebody into a freakin’ jet engine. In my metaphor, that somebody is the work week.

That wasn’t how this Friday went down, not in the least. I showed up early to get a few things done. This only enraged my computer who decided that it was high time for my hard drive to quit working. So, I sat there while some guy held my hopes and dreams in his hands. He worked tirelessly to clone my hard drive, but my hard drive was having none of it. Which was kind of what I suspected would happen. In fact, I kind of wonder why there is even an option to clone. It never seems to work.

Anyway, sometime between me sitting there and getting the final word my drive was hosed, I received a phone call from my wife. Apparently, there was a leak in our place and the plumber had to get in immediately. I packed up the dogs, dumped gasoline all over my desk and pitched a match at it. Once again this is a metaphor.

The leak was by our main shut off valve in the entryway closet. We were made aware of its presence by the water stain appearing on our downstairs neighbor’s ceiling. However, we are still trying to figure out if any walls or flooring in the closet needs to be replaced. We have tried to help the situation by having a fan blowing into the closet all weekend long.

Despite how Friday went, the rest of the weekend turned out pretty well. My wife took me out for dinner and a donut Friday evening. On Saturday we had a little BBQ in honor of Jacoby. I called it, a JacoBBQ or JaBarbeCoby. I could never make up mind. I squeezed in 11K this morning and had lunch in the park with my wife and dogs. We also went for a walk in our old neighborhood which I have always found to be very therapeutic.

Vancouver is gorgeous in the spring. It is basically the only time of year that I totally don’t care about the ludicrous cost of living or incessant douchebaggery. Almost everything is green and the cherry blossoms are blooming. There is still enough rain to knock the smog out of the sky and give everything a rinse. To top it all off, Jake sat by me on the patio’s loveseat the entire time I wrote this. I think the only way this moment could be ruined is if Andrew Dice Clay kicked in my door in Delta Force style and gave me a subpoena. “You’ve been served. Ooooohhh!”

Two Homeless Guys On A Bus

It came to light this week that two homeless men from Saskatchewan had ridden a bus to British Columbia. That doesn’t sound very interesting, but the why and how is. The Saskatchewan government provided the tickets. This is apparently not that unusual. Provincial governments have been known to purchase bus tickets for people who are out of province and need to get home. However, in this case the one-way tickets were out of province bound.

On the surface, it seems sleazy for a province to export its homeless. At the same time, the reason for all of this was a cut to funding. These two men had nowhere else to go. The spaces they currently had, had no more resources for them. They were getting kicked out and cut off. Climate wise, it would seem far better to be homeless in Vancouver than Northern Saskatchewan.

There were several soundbites regarding this issue. A lot of people were pissed off, as one would expect. Provinces should simply not export homeless to another province with no notice or plan. However I have a feeling that, if proper communication channels were used, the B.C. government would have ultimately shut it down. All the while these two men would have been fending for themselves.

Vancouver already has a homeless problem. A problem that it can’t seem to fix outright. A problem whose epicenter is right where everyone wants to develop. Which seems to be the only reason why the government cares in the first place. To that end, the municipal government’s solution is to load people up on buses and drop them off somewhere else. Basically, to thin the problem by spreading it out. There is one such example, literally two blocks away from the Vancouver and Burnaby border. Pretty much as far as they could legally move them. Out of sight, out of mind. That is the thing with Vancouver. The only reason why it wants to “fix” this issue is because it is right where the money is. As soon as homeless are out and zillion dollar buildings are going up, the issue will probably be considered resolved.

At the same time, British Columbia recently opened its doors to Syrian refugees. Exactly how many, I’m not certain. Definitely more than two. Is there a good plan in place to get them set up with places to live and work? Mostly, yet some still haven’t found a place to permanently reside yet; Vancouver housing problem much? Those relocated to other areas of the province seem to be finding residences and work. I am sure a few more logistical issues will arise as it seems impossible to transplant that many people smoothly.

What I am getting at is, if a country as a whole can bring in 10,000 refugees in with a plan that will work for a majority of them, then a municipal government should be able to handle two guys. I mean, it isn’t like they really care anyway. They will more than likely give them a bit of funding and a hand with the paperwork, then plop them down somewhere, never to think about them again. I guess accepting homeless guys just isn’t that trendy.

The Electric Company: A Shocking Realization

I live in beautiful British Columbia, in the GVRD to be specific. We get our electricity from our plentiful amounts of water. We also, like to call our electricity, hydro. Ever since the economy crashed and western culture – somewhat – turned toward green technologies, BC Hydro has had this campaign, Power Smart. The whole idea of the campaign is to get people to turn off their power when they aren’t using it. What a great idea to make people aware of how they are wasting money and impacting the environment.

I thought it was really cool at first. A big company telling people not to be jerks, that’s progress! However, as time went on I started to wonder why a company that makes money when I turn stuff on, would be reminding me to shut it off. In hindsight, I should have figured it out right away.

Basically, BC Hydro wants residents to shut stuff off so it can sell excess power at a premium. That is right, the hydro we don’t use is sold at a higher price to other areas. There are probably some tax kickbacks as well. Maybe BC Hydro can state that the excess power is a loss. Maybe it can say that due to the Power Smart Campaign it is trying to save the environment and get some tax credits that way. Maybe it is just flat out more money in general and there are no loopholes.

It isn’t illegal and I know that BC Hydro is just a squirrel in this world, trying to get a nut. However, it does seem a little shifty to be so preachy, just so it can make more money. What if your Mom told you to not eat everything on your plate. Then she would go sell your leftovers to the weird neighbor kid. That isn’t wrong, but it isn’t quite right either.

Of course, I am just spit balling here. Until recently, it was just a hunch and even now I don’t have all that much evidence. Although, last week there were some talks and articles revolving around BC and Alberta. British Columbia hasn’t been very open to letting Alberta crude flow through the province on its way to the pacific. Now, Alberta has a bargaining chip as the BC government was planning on selling excess electricity from the Site C dam. Turns out, Alberta just isn’t that interested because BC isn’t interested in oil. Kind of a pickle isn’t it? Well, there is always Washington!

Williams Lake: Pre-Mature Injectulation

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I heard something interesting on tonight’s news. Something that was interesting only because of how out of left field and uninformed it was. Something that made me stop preparing dinner and walk into the living room. Something that made me sit down and giggle.

Williams Lake is a small town in British Columbia. It is just about six hours north of Vancouver. Apparently crime and crazy are running rampant in that town. So much so that the city council voted unanimously to “inject” high risk and prolific offenders with GPS technology. Something that doesn’t really exist except on the pages of sci-fi novels and probably in tin foil hat top secret government hoobajoobery labs. Not only that, passing such laws seem a bit out of the jurisdiction of municipal government.

City councilman Scott “His Hair Isn’t The Craziest Thing About Him” Nelson put the motion forward. He also mentioned something about watching these criminals 24/7 all year round. Of course, he wouldn’t be watching them. Unless is magic eight ball counts and only during commercial breaks of reruns of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

I am of course, putting words in Scott Nelson’s mouth. Which is probably better for him in the long run. At least he won’t sound as crazy. While I am helping him out, he also said “Why not graft rainbow colored angel wings and unicorn horns to the offenders as well. At least that way, people will see them coming!”

If I lived in Williams Lake, I think I would be furious that time and money were spent voting on such an insipid topic. What it really sounds like is that the powers that be have lost control and don’t have any idea what to do.