President Trump, Maybe We’ll Laugh

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Don’t Call It A Comeback! She’s Been Here All Along.

Sarah Palin has been making a lot of news lately. She has been saying all sorts of shit over the last year. Most recently she endorsed Donald Trump. Which apparently turned some conservatives stomachs and made others rip off their pants whoop at the sky. For me, I thought it was kismet. I wondered why it had taken so long. This must have been what the moment was like when they guy who put chocolate and peanut butter together, put chocolate and peanut butter together.

Two crazy assholes on camera at the same time. Turned loose like a senile grandpa without pills and that backwoods racist uncle at the holiday table. Team ups like this don’t happen very often except in pro wrestling. Which if you go watch the speech in the context of a wrestling interview where two people you didn’t think would team up do, you won’t be disappointed.

In all seriousness though, if nothing else this move is self-serving. She is obviously pining for a vice president position. What better way than to team up with an old white guy. Albeit this time the old white guy with a charisma stat of thirty. For the non-Dungeon & Dragon’s players, this is very, very good. Like him or hate him, people are drawn toward Trump either way.

Palin has made one serious concession. One that I definitely think should be brought up. In the past, she has steadfastly defended her grandchild, as she should. So, how the hell could she side with a guy who has repeatedly made fun of people with developmental challenges? I’m pretty certain he uses the word “retard” like a fish drinks water. Yep, she totally has standards and sticks to her morals. Totally the cardigan wearing grizzly momma whatever the hell she calls herself!

Regardless, I am happy that Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight. This way we can all keep an eye on here. When she disappears she does weird shit, such as writing a speech to endorse Donald Trump.

Americans Not Assholeicans

If you haven’t already heard, Donald Trump seems to be leading other republicans in the polls. In some cases he has almost as twice as much as the next leader. As a sane person, I find this deeply troubling. I know that polls are not an exact reading, but they are something.

Some of the reasons seem to be that he is a breath of fresh air and tells it like it is. I understand the sentiment, but this is a huge misunderstanding. Getting up on stage and being a jerk isn’t telling it like it is. Saying America, we have some issues: bipartisan split, racism, education, healthcare and a crippling debt that makes Greece’s debt look like couch change. That is telling it like it is!

Speaking of the debt, I just can’t trust a guy who filed for bankruptcy and is now back on top of the world. Perhaps he would file the entire country for bankruptcy and get that whole debt thing taken care of at the cost of the entire world’s economy. Before you whip out your American flag and shotgun while screaming, “Wooooooo! Telling it like it is!” I have one question.

“How long has it been since you personally recovered from last economic crash?” Because this one would be much, much worse.

The next elephant in the room is his racism, where does it stop? As a country, we have a lot of issues when it comes to race and religion. We have a lot to work through and we haven’t made nearly as much progress as people want to think. Yet, here is a man that is less than accepting and wants to build some silly wall. Is he running on Pat Buchanan’s 1990 platform? Anyone watch Game of Thrones? The wall didn’t work so well did it! Also, of course Jon Snow isn’t dead!

Donald Trump seems to have a low opinion of everyone. Is that really the kind of guy you want in charge of you? He truly believes he is better than you and that you are stupid and a loser. Sure he hasn’t said as much, but based on everything he has said to everyone else lately, anyone should be able to draw the same conclusion. How could anyone want this man to deal with other countries as he has already pissed off the entire republican party?

When did American’s get this obnoxious chip on their shoulder and feel incessant need to be stubborn, loud, and tell it like it is? We are American’s not Assholeicans. I cannot respect anyone who thinks this man is a viable choice as president. Unless one simply wants to watch the world burn. In which case kudos on using your ballot as a weapon of mass destruction.