Time Change and The Election (Fall Back and Go Stuff Yo’self!)

And one more you may have missed. If you were following the new blog, you would already know. Sorry, kind of grumpy. Read on to find out why.



Is It Sore Throat In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Fall hasn’t even started yet. Summer is still making me regret wearing long pants, sometimes. I think I even got a little bit of a sunburn on the weekend. Yet, here I am after a night of unrestful sleep with a sore throat.

It started two days ago. I tried to convince myself that I had inhaled some smokin’ hot rice and that the pain I was feeling was a scorched throat. Yesterday I began to think something was afoot as I started drinking tea before noon.

There was moment during last night that I dreamt I was drinking tea. It may have been green with some lemon, but I am not certain. My throat started to feel better! Then my dumbass brain was all “Hey consciousness check out what your dreamy subconscious part of your brain has done! Amazing! Bro! Don’t you feel better! Swallow a whole bunch right now. Check it out, you’re cur…”

“No, I am not cured! However, dreaming that I was drinking tea and the pain was alleviated was nice. Thanks Brain.”

“No problem bro! Honesty and transparency are good in these troubled times. Should we go get a beer and go do those things you have been procrastinating on? You know, all that paperwork and that light that needs changing on the car.”

“No, I think I will just lie here and stare at the ceiling thank you!” My inner Richard Lewis kicks in as my throat protests.