Whistler: Save The Date

For the past few years at this time my wife and I have come to Whistler to hike, relax and enjoy each other’s company. We haven’t done so every year, and even this year we toyed with the idea of doing something different. However, in the end we knew we would have a great time and had plenty of trails we had not yet done. Unfortunately with only a week left, we didn’t get our usual hotel. We still had a great time though.

We have just been going through the photos that we took. I think we have some pretty cool ones. Some were really even a year in the making. I will tell that story in the coming days. And boy do I have quite the tale to go on top of that! I can tell you right now, this won’t be some boring vacation slide show thing.

The Elusive Art of Public Shaming

I live in a province where there are tons of things to do outside. People are on a huge health kick. Everyone is getting active, going out and doing things. Unfortunately, some people don’t know their limits and wind up lost and having to spend the night on mountains and in the backcountry. Waiting and hoping that the search and rescue crews come and rescue them.

Look, I don’t want people to die or anything. However, search and rescue teams don’t grow on trees and work for free. I am sure I could pull some exact figure down, but I am just going to say it costs a lot and each year the BC government spends a bazillion pesos saving dipshits.

So this morning, search and rescue pulled this guy off the mountain and when the camera cut to him, there he was, arms out and spinning around looking right into the camera. Hamming it and having a great time.

He and his hiking partner had left at 9 A.M. for an hour long hike and got lost for about twenty one hours. I am not sure how someone pulls that off, but they did. I have seen people on trails in high heels and miniskirts. Completely unprepared. Unless they were planning on hiking all the way downtown. In which case, kudos and good luck at the meat market when you arrive smelling like sardines.

When Propellerhead was later interviewed, he said that he had learned a lesson, but that the other hiker was older than him so he had felt like he had something to prove. Maybe I missed part of it. I didn’t care though. All I could do was look at his jedi padawan haircut – yes the one with the rat tail – and wonder if the other hiker was Qui-Gon.

I feel better now, feel like I got some entertainment out of that tax money. Perhaps we should all start shaming ill prepared people who get themselves lost because they don’t know their limits and have no idea what they are doing. Maybe it would start cutting down on these incidents if people knew that they would have to go on camera and be made fun of. Just a little bit of light shaming couldn’t hurt, could it?