Getting Older: The Concert That Could Have Been


Where I come from, concerts were hard to come by. I should stress that the local stuff was there, it was easy. It was the big names, they were the difficult ones. They required that you drive three hours to watch them. Heck, even the local ones required a half hour to an hour long road trip. It was a really small town.

So, for me, the culture of seeing live shows isn’t exactly engrained in my DNA. I didn’t do it enough then, to feel like I need to do it now. Don’t get me wrong, I like going to concerts, but I have to really want to go.

My wife and I had had a busy day, a trip to the dentist and other errands. We were eating dinner at the local hip music place to eat the foods. While I waited for my hotdog, I sipped my beer and looked at the wall with the gig posters. Down at the very bottom, far out of the gazing eye of the average looker was a poster for Windhand. I dig ‘em and have been listening to them a lot. Especially while I’ve been writing one particular project. I would love to see them live and here was my chance.

I looked at the date on the poster and it sounded familiar. A quick glance at my phone revealed the reason why, it was that very day. Not only that, but with a quick glance back at the poster and my basic math skills, I realized the doors were opening in eighteen minutes.

Our food probably wouldn’t be at our table in that time. We’d also have to go back home and take care of the dogs. Then catch a bus back downtown. Sometime in that amount of time we would have to buy tickets as well. For me, that was just enough logistical effort to pass up on the deal.

My wife, knowingly laughed at the defeat we were about to experience. She was down to go, but she knew, and was willing to admit before I was, that we were not going to go. We can be spontaneous, but this was a little out of our wheelhouse. Wanna go get some ice cream? Okay! Wanna go get a beer? Alright! And come home stumbling drunk? Wasn’t on my radar, but sure*! Wanna go to the library? Hell yeah! Wanna go to a doom metal concert that probably starts within an hour, still need to get food, eat food, take the dogs out, buy tickets, get there and may miss the opening act? Hmmm.

We didn’t go. Heck, we didn’t even try to go. I think I’d even forgotten about it by the time we got home. We took the dogs for a good walk and talked about comic books and graphic novels instead.


Next time Windhand, next time.

*Once or twice a year.

Three Punk Ass Things To Say About Danzig In A Very Respectable Manner


Some people really can’t stand Glenn Danzig. Maybe it’s his rather sizeable ego. Perhaps it’s the fact that he can pull off a fishnet shirt. It could simply be because these people can sense evil.

Regardless, I say screw those people! Let them listen to Sonic Youth in some sort of audible staring contest until one of them breaks. Danzig rocks and I like him just fine! I mean I wouldn’t want to hang out with him or have him over for dinner or anything. He is fine in the auditory realm.


Now Three Things That Hopefully I Don’t Get Punched For:

  • What have I been up to? Oh not much, just hangin’ out, listening to Danzig, and watching Gilmore Girls with the sound down.
  • Teacher says, “Everytime Danzig drives by an old person, there is an Elvis sighting. Followed by their souls being whisked off to hell.”
  • Yeah, but can you say that you’re friends with someone who was asked out on a date by Glenn Danzig.*


If you even snickered, do me a solid and share. Although, let’s not share this enough that I draw the ire of Mr. Danzig.

I mean all of this in good fun and wrote it while sincerely listening to, Danzig.

*I won’t name names, but at least I will find out if she is reading my blogs or not.

The White Power Closet

There seems to be a lot of hate south the Canadian border. It could just be the media loving easy stories with similar themes. It could just be Donald Trump loving free publicity. It could just be Phil Anselmo being an idiot. It could just be that I know it is Phil Anselmo being an idiot!

Don’t open a new tab and type in Phil Anselmo! If you don’t know, he is the frontman for bands such as but now limited to Pantera and Superjoint Ritual. Sometime last weekish he was performing at Dimebash, a show in honor of former Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell. Just after the set, in the sweaty onion patch scented afterglow of metal, he started do some strange calisthenics. Which eventually gave way to him doing that strange sieg heiling gesture, like some anti-semite football referee. After he had fully expanded his chest and increased his lung capacity by ten percent, he stepped forward on the stage and yelled “White Power!”

One would think they would be able to hear a pin drop after such a scene. That was not necessarily the case. However a vast majority of attendants and bands have come out against Anselmo. Plenty of articles and videos have been created. Many tweets have been, tweeted. He has also apologized and set it was a reference to the white wine he was drinking backstage.

For me it was news, but in different sense. I always just assumed he was this kind of guy. I hate playing the stereotype card, but he has that look about him. On top of that, his lyrics are typically classified as angry with heaping helpings of hate. He hates everything and he is angry about it. In fact, the guy could probably write a song about how much he hates eating a big ol’ slab of chocolate cake and washing it down with a glass of two percent. It would probably go something like, chug-da-chug-chug-da-chug “CAKE!” chug-da-chug-chug-da-chug “MILK!” chug-da-chug-chug-da-chug “HATE!”

Simply put, he gave off that vibe. Much in the same way I was all, “Yeah, duh!” when Ricky Martin came out of the closet, I was not surprised when Phil Anselmo stepped out of this one. Albeit this one is probably located in a dimly lit, poorly insulated, and unfinished basement and contains an entirely different demographic of people. Also, the fashion sense is probably worse.

In all seriousness though, with everything seeming to be coming to a head, we are going to see more instances of this. Some folks don’t seem to mind being outed as racist, some revel in it. Just wait there will be more and they won’t all be a bunch of rednecks or necessarily, white.