Reviews: Chickpea And Where’d You Go Bernadette

Here are some reviews.


Service was horrible. I asked the waitress what beers were on tap, she said “They are on the board,” that I couldn’t read as it was halfway across the restaurant and parallel with me. To avoid any awkwardness, I simply said “Oh.” She walked off. When she came back, I asked once more, this time stating I couldn’t see the board. She said, “A lager, a pilsner, a pale ale.” Needless to say, I didn’t order a beer.


With such disinterested service, I figured the food had to be fantastic. Why else would people continually flock to this place? I was wrong, it’s some of the blandest food I’ve tasted. It’s on par with lowest common denominator targeting workplace cafeteria food that needs to feed masses and offend as few palates as possible. To their credit, they do know how to plate and make the food look very presentable. However, I’d gladly take a hit in that department to avoid eating a potato that has had nothing done to it other than making it not raw.


Those wanting Lebanese or Mediterranean fare should go to Nuba or JamJar. Both restaurant’s flavors are superior. Heck for that matter, go to any hole in the wall donair joint and you’ll also save a couple of bucks.

Where’d You Go Bernadette

Simply put, I love this book. Mental health and biting social commentary permeate the pages. There’s a lot to mull over and empathize with. I started out thinking, “I know these people,” by the end I was thinking, “I am these people.” As I closed it for the last time, I wanted to immediately open it up and do it all over again.



Reading Habits: Change Is Like a New Pair of Underwear

In recent years I have found that I now read more than I ever have before. Over the past year I have decided to change my reading habits. Namely expand on the genre that I typically read. I’ve quit reading – almost exclusively – science fiction and fantasy. I have read far too much of it. Names of elves and world ending calamities are starting to blur together. In general the topic was starting to bog me down and kill my interest in reading.

“Turns out we have an entirely different problem than the one we have been trying to solve over the eight thousand pages and five books!” announces someone important in the fantasy land.

Why not send in Marus Magic Pants. I think to myself. Right, because he is in a wholly different book series.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few series I have yet to finish and this definitely won’t be goodbye forever. However, I have to admit that I think reading novels is the bomb and actually fits my personality better. I have always had several, if not many, books on the go at one time. I also, like reading different authors. These two traits are what have lead to so much confusion on my part.

Since I began reading only novels, my book completion pace has doubled, if not more. Part of it is certainly the length. A vast majority of novels do not average a thousand pages. Something that is common place in the fantasy and science fiction world. Another part is the renewed interest. I am knocking books out faster than I would as I have always been more excited about starting something new.