Running From A Wedding

I have had two long weekends back to back. While my blogging schedule has been nuked from orbit, I have been loving life. Just got back from a wedding. All in all it was a great time! I am starting to think I may just be a fan of weddings. Sometimes I get a little […]

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It Could Have Been Worse

I have a friend who was recently injured in a gym training accident. Her name is Chattanooga Ruffingsberg. I know, I thought it was made a up name too, but it isn’t. Anyway, she was running or jumping over cars or whatever it is that people do in the gym these days. All of a […]

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Habanero Hot Step

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache. It could possibly have something to do with the four s’mores I slammed last night. Although more than likely it had something to do with all the homemade habanero salsa I consumed instead. I had never made habanero salsa before, but I’d had a bee in […]

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