Kidnapping Is So Passe’


When I woke up this morning and saw #BLMKidnapping* trending, I was floored by what I saw and read. Is this where the U.S. is at? The damn thing is a powder keg that seems likely to blow at any moment. Say what you will about baskets of deplorables and Trump’s rhetoric, it takes two to tango. That’s right, both sides are to blame and in this case the dance floor is full and partners are being swapped with nary a care.

Not that it helps being slammed into two groups. Conservative and liberal being used to loosely define a whole lot of people doesn’t seem to be working.  In fact, it seems to be making things worse. How terrible would a sports league with two teams be? Something tells me there would be a lot more hate and resentment at the games. And sure we can side with another subgroup or philosophy. Be libertarian or socialist, it doesn’t matter. We will still be put under the liberal and conservative silos.

Quite possibly the larger issue currently, is communication. Stereotyping, and a deep desire to label people and groups into quick digestible details is wreaking havoc. Wading into social media is a frustrating nightmare. Everyone is just yelling and pointing at another group from the group they’re a part of. People are strangling themselves to label groups as a whole. Will we ever realize that just because some bad people exist in a group that doesn’t mean the rest of the group is bad? You know that person at work who is a total asshole? Well, just because they exist doesn’t mean everyone at work – including yourself – is an asshole. All gun owners aren’t assholes, a fact proven by all of us still being alive. Not all liberals are assholes, nor conservatives. In fact, both groups have some really good people in them. I have friends in both.

In closing, at the risk of sounding corny – but mostly because I just signed up for Amazon Prime – we need to start accepting others and get along. If you haven’t made any resolutions yet, I just gave you one. Accept, get along, and no more kidnapping.


Now to Amazon Prime!

*From what I’ve read, they have nothing to do with BLM. I am not labeling this kidnapping as part of BLM. To do so would be the opposite I’ve what you’ve just read/will read – totally depends on when you read footnotes.

Left or Right

 While readers may think that this post is going to be dealing with the a difference between left wing and right wing politics, they would be only half right. Because first of all, what is the difference – oh zing! – and second of all what other lefts and rights are there?

 This week is one of those magical weeks when we are once again reminded that politicians are far cooler than we’ll ever be. That they have powers, resources, and networking skills that many of us can only dream of. It is the day when depending on what side of the fence you are on, Hillary is free from the zillion dollar GoP witch hunt or a criminal has been let go.

 Personally, I don’t really like to be on one side of the fence anymore. Instead I like to position myself right in the center and enjoy the painful wedgie. Yep, nothing better than getting a wedgie from rational, well balanced thought. Sure I have a tendency to lean to the left, but you try to sit there with your boxers held up in box canyon for hours at a time, all the while listening to ninnies and harpies go on at each other. Defending candidates that couldn’t care less about them.

 Come on everyone step closer to the fence. Lean on up against it. I implore you! I beg you! If this were a ship, and every four years we had a vote to pick who was going to steer the ship – by that I don’t mean the captain, I mean the person that is going to physically touch the steering wheel of the ship and spin the wheel – would we want someone who is going to crank the wheel far to the left, followed by someone who is going to spin it far to the right? Hell no we wouldn’t! We would want someone to keep it dead freakin’ center, unless we were turning. We may also want someone who uses punctuation, but I am not on trial here. In fact, no one is.

 To fully interpret and appreciate the correct meaning of the title of today’s post, one must look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves one question. “Do I want to be shot in the left knee or the right knee?” According to what I heard when I watched Reservoir Dogs five years ago, the knee is one the most painful places to be shot. Which, seems on par with getting a bad leader.

 When both of these candidates seem to be coated in the teflon. When both act almost as childish and tasteless as the other. When many articles and tweets concede that one’s party-of-choice candidate is bad, but not as bad as the other one. Then we are truly being given the choice of two equally painful places to be shot.

 It doesn’t make any sense to me. There are other viable choices from the Libertarian and Green Parties. Why don’t we start a write in campaign for Bernie. Damnit, he shouldn’t have ran as a democrat! It’s 2016 and this is where we are at? Come November 8th, maybe don’t be so gung ho to pick your favorite of the big two. Don’t be afraid to “throw away” your vote on a candidate not affiliated with the major two. Don’t roll up your pant legs and take one for the team. Because there really isn’t much of a team anymore. Just two parties that have divided the shit out of this nation, but they haven’t conquered us yet.